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Hi welcome to me Xtreme Schwinn page it is still underconstruction but only for a little bit. My name is Steven and as you can see am the owner of the web page. I also love Schwinn and everything about their company. I myself have my own BMX bike and it is a Schwinn, it is the "Super Stock 1" on the right you can see it. I am hoping to go pro in this wonderful sport. I have ramps and jumps all throught-out my back yard and go to BMX races and compete. If there are any questions please email me here. Bye!

There are also other stuff I think is cool! Card trick Centeral Is a place were I like to learn some cool card tricks! You should go see it. Schwinn is a cool place with tons of BMX stuff. This is also another place that you should see. New:There will be a new page by "Zero.G" with tons of cool stuff that has to do with web page makings. Graphics and other cool stuff. It will be up sometime in November. So I will post it up here on Xtreme Schwinn to let you guys now.

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