How    To    Do    BMX    Tricks


Bunny Hop Riding at a low speed stand on your pedals at a level position then jump up and push forward. There are many ways to do a simple Bunny Hop. You need to know how to do a Bunny Hop because it is the starter to all the tricks a bike.

Kick Out After doing a Bunny Hop still keep your pedals level then once you Bunny Hop either use your right or left foot and push your leg out. This also need a little practice too.

Jay Hop First ride in a simple Bunny Hop postion then just pick up your front tire then Bunny Hop. This takes time to master like many other tricks.

Grinding To grind you need to have front and back pegs if you have them good and if you don't GO GET'EM.Now there are many places to do a grind I am going to tell you how to grind on a hand rail. Get some good speed then you might want to either hit a jump or bunny hop and once you do that and while heading for the rail. Set your front tire hard then the back end hard on the rail and lean into it. Once your done, put your front end down first.

Indo At a low speed put on your front brakes real hard and push forward with all your weight and then you Indo.

Bar Spin Approach the base of the jump and kind of a medium speed. Grip your seat post with your legs. Then once you you get your front tire in the air spin those bars around and catch them when you are close to the ground. (Go off a jump that gets you far not to high)

Tail Whip Start off with your left foot on your front peg and your right foot on your back left peg. Now kick out your right foot and and then the back tire does a kick out. Then put your left foot on your back right peg. Then level your feet back on the pedals.

Super-Man Go off a jump that shoots you high and far. Lay yourself off the seat and it seems like your flying. Then get back on the seat when you get a few feet from land.

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