1. The truth is, if god loved you he would send you to hell!

2. The truth is, you don't have to go to school just a place your parents put you to forget you!

3. The truth is, you can blow up the White House because most people want to do it anyway!

4. The truth is, everyone wants to goto Heaven but no one wants to die!

5. The truth is, someday someone is gonna get a picture of Barney hitting some kids then he will go the Jail!

6. The truth is, will there be any lies?

7. The truth is, school is hell only you would go to it!

8. The truth is, your momma is fat and she like needs to go on a diet! (or somthing)

MORE TO COME..........

You to can send in your own "Truth is" items just E-Mail them to me so I can post them up. You will recieve credit for your "Truth Is" items. Thanks!

Xtreme Schwinn
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